Diet food

Diet nutrition

Many are in search of the most effective and at the same time easy way to lose weight. It is under these requirements that a diet is suitable. Diet nutrition is designed for ninety days, from other methods of weight loss is not only the duration, but also a fairly diverse menu.

Features of the diet split meals

The basic principle of the diet - it is a separate diet, but in the diet still need to combine a variety of foods. The menu of the diet of separate food includes both sweet and flour products. The goal of the diet for 90 days is to teach the body to eat properly and absorb the necessary substances as much as possible, while normalizing all metabolic processes. But, despite this attractiveness, with separate feeding, there are still limitations.

The principle of a separate diet is the duration of three months with a clear distribution on the food cycles. In terms of cost, the principle of losing weight is comparable to the usual expenses for food. This type of weight loss can be turned into a regular diet, the most important thing is that the body is comfortable and harmless. You can combine a diet with sports loads. As a result, for the course you can lose from three to twenty-five kilograms, depending on the amount of overweight.

Contraindications separate nutrition

It is strictly forbidden to use this type of food for people with diseases of the excretory and digestive systems, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. In the presence of a large percentage of overweight, this type of weight loss can be used exclusively under the strict supervision of a specialist.

The principle of diet dietetic

The ninety-day diet menu is divided into four daily steps:

The first day is eating only protein foods.

The second day is the use of exclusively starchy food.

The third day - eating only carbohydrate foods.

The fourth day - the use of fortified foods.

It should be noted that every twenty-ninth day is unloading, on this day it is allowed only to drink non-carbonated clean water in unlimited quantities (but not less than 2 liters).

The entire amount of food you need to eat before eight o'clock in the evening. The minimum amount of the daily ration is consumed at breakfast, the maximum amount of ration falls for lunch and dinner, the portion is approximately the same as for breakfast. As a snack you can eat one small fruit.

Permitted Products:

  • proteinaceous - whole grain bread, broth, all vegetables (banned potatoes), cottage cheese, cheese, dairy products, meat, fish, eggs;
  • starch - whole grain bread, broth on vegetables, all vegetables, legumes, cereals;
  • carbohydrate - dark chocolate, cookies, cake, pastries without yeast, eggs and milk, all vegetables, flour dishes, cereals;
  • vitamin - vegetable and fruit juices, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit, dried fruit, soaked in boiling water.

Where to begin

In order for the body to feel comfortable when switching to a new diet, it needs to be gradually adapted. First, enter two diet days every 7 days. Once every 5 days you need to enter the fasting day on kefir or apples. Try to last 10 days - 20 days, and only after that go on a 90 day diet.

Before you start a diet, you need to paint the diet for each day (at least for a week). During the preparatory period, the body is completely cleansed of slags and toxins. But still this type of weight loss, based on a separate diet, has its drawbacks. First of all, there will be a sharp hunger at the beginning, and some products will simply lose their taste.

Many doctors leave their reviews regarding this type of weight loss, and they are not always positive. The only thing that is important to do is to consult with the doctors before the diet and exactly follow the diet. There is a nuance - if for some reason there was a “breakdown” of the diet, you need to go back to the very beginning, if the diet lasts at least a month and there was a “breakdown”, you need to take a break for a week.

Nutrition Diet Menu

Let's look at the approximate menu by day, calculated for one week (for convenience, make a menu in advance in accordance with the table of allowed products).

A separate diet involves eating a certain block of foods per day:

First day protein (meat) - breakfast (two fruits and a glass of fresh berries), lunch (salmon steak one hundred fifty grams and one hundred grams of green salad), snack (sandwich with lettuce, chicken and fresh tomatoes), dinner (a glass of kefir and ryazhenka ).

The second day, starch (vegetable) - breakfast (berries one glass and two fruits), lunch (two hundred and fifty grams of vegetable stew), snack (two hundred grams of fried potatoes with turmeric and celery), dinner (a handful of dried fruits).

The third day carbohydrate (tasty) - breakfast (berries one glass and two fruits), lunch (three hundred grams of boiled or steamed poultry meat), afternoon tea (spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil), dinner (tea without sugar and biscuit).

The fourth day of vitamin (fruit) - breakfast (berries and fruits), lunch (two hundred and fifty grams of fruit salad), snack (two hundred grams of baked apples with cinnamon), dinner (two or three slices of fresh melon).

The fifth day of protein is breakfast (berries and fruits), lunch (two hundred and fifty grams of green lettuce with legumes and avocado), afternoon tea (two hundred grams of protein omelet with cheese and ham), dinner (two hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese).

The sixth day of the vegetable - breakfast (fruits and berries), lunch (two hundred grams stewed with garlic and carrots, eggplant, fifty grams of whole-grain bread), afternoon tea (two hundred grams of potato gratin with greens), dinner (medium-sized banana, not necessarily over-ripe).

Seventh day carbohydrate - breakfast (fruits and berries), lunch (two hundred and fifty grams of vegetable lasagna), snack (one hundred and fifty grams of any cake), dinner (hot black chocolate one cup).

Additional recommendations

In order to maximize the results of the ninety-day diet with separate meals, you need to remember and adhere to certain recommendations: you can only boil, stew or bake vegetables, limit yourself in fruits and bread as much as possible; include foods with a minimum fat index in the diet; It is desirable to include in the diet products that do not need heat treatment; not to include in the diet shop semi-finished products, when cooking in the minimum amount to use (if possible completely abandon) from salt, sauces, spices, herbs.

The correct way out of the diet

In order to consolidate the results obtained during the diet, separate nutrition, it is necessary to get out of it correctly. During the period of exit it is important to follow the basic rules, otherwise all the lost kilograms will return as quickly as possible, and with an excess. Basic rules: for breakfast there are fruits and berries; continue to adhere to separate feeding; eat food on schedule, without unnecessary snacking and overeating.

Based on numerous reviews, on forums and social networks, a general conclusion can be made: for three months of active dietary and sports activities, the body will fully become accustomed to the new diet, and the dietary ration will smoothly turn into a lifestyle. The body now has enough consumed volume of food, it requires eating at certain hours, while accumulating the necessary amount of energy.

If you follow all the rules, you can lose from five to nine kilograms in a month (if there is a lot of excess weight), you can say goodbye to twenty-five kilograms for the entire period of the diet.

The advantage is the normalization of metabolism and the development of proper eating habits.

Dietary recipes

Here are some recipes for dietetic diets.

Muesli: you need to take two tablespoons of oat bran, one hundred grams of fresh berries, one green apple and half an orange. Fruits grind as fine as possible (using a blender to a puree texture). Add fruit to bran.

Oatmeal porridge with roasted apples: you need to take two tablespoons of oatmeal, one glass of pure water, a little cinnamon and one small apple. In the oven, bake the apple with cinnamon. Boil the oatmeal in water, stirring carefully for ten to twelve minutes, leave to infuse for ten minutes. Turn an apple into a puree, combine oatmeal with apple puree.

Diet recipes are many, you can experiment, or search for ready-made recipes on the Internet, most importantly, adhere to the basic rules of diet.

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