Abondance Cheese

French hard cheeses are loved by foodies around the world. The high quality of the product and its extraordinary taste are used to prepare gourmet dishes. Abondance with wines goes well, enhancing the taste of dry red wine of expensive varieties.

Cheese history

A solid French product owes its name to its noble origin. Abondance first appeared in a community in the south of France. The characteristics of the variety have undergone minimal changes over the years, and the rich taste from the Abondance community is still very popular. Calorie Abondance cheese, its appearance and characteristic dark crust remained the hallmark of a healthy product.

The taste of cheese is due to the special characteristics of the finished product. Expensive French varieties undergo strict quality control, and it is almost impossible to find fakes on the modern market. The special technological process that the selected dairy products go through is the ripening of whole cow's milk in the tissue. It is the production technology that creates the crust distinctive for Abondance.

The main characteristics of cheese

Hard cheeses are high in calories. In this regard, Abondance combines an exquisite taste and a relatively low fat content. The total calorie content of the variety does not exceed 350 kilocalories per 100 grams. In this case, proteins are 26.3 grams, and fats - 26.6 grams. The composition and useful properties of cheese are due to the fact that there are no carbohydrates in the finished high-quality product.

Abondance has similar characteristics to any high-quality French variety. Uniform dense structure, deep amber color (a slice of cheese is not visible). Blue specks consisting of casein evenly “disperse” over the head of freshly prepared cheese. Abondance refers to fatty, pressed varieties that can be used in a balanced diet.

The taste of Abondance is difficult to confuse with similar varieties: moderately salty and sour, a slice of cheese leaves a light fruity flavor. The rich taste is used in cooking and to highlight the shades of a young or aged wine. The resulting curd mass is soft and incredibly tender. The total fat content of the fresh product does not exceed 48%.

Beneficial features

Before you get to the kitchen table, the variety is aged for at least six months. Cheese is prepared predominantly oval. The beneficial properties of the finished product are not comparable with other cheaper varieties of French dairy products. The combination of vitamins and substances useful for the human body allows you to consume a small amount of Abondance every day. In the daily diet is allowed no more than 50 grams of the product in any form.

One slice of Abondance contains vitamins that will bring considerable benefits to both an adult and a child:

  • vitamin A;
  • vitamin B group (B1, B3 and B5);
  • vitamins E and D;
  • Essential Vitamin C.

Vitamin complexes can strengthen the human body, improve blood circulation and skin condition. The cheese contains calcium salts that strengthen the human skeletal system. Useful for adults and children is a natural supplement such as lecithin, which promotes rapid metabolism.

Daily use of cheese slices in food allows you to strengthen hair, nails, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

Cooking Application

Use the French hard variety as a separate snack and instead of adding to the finished dishes. The use of Abondance cheese in cooking guarantees a light salty taste of salads and casseroles. Use the product in grated form or in whole pieces in the first and second courses. Cheese slices will complement any tasting event and emphasize even the finest wine taste.

The world famous fondue with Abondance will be a real entertainment in the summer and warm autumn. For the preparation of plastic cheese mass, a fresh product is used, which has been manufactured over the past six months or a year. Abondance goes well with Raclette variety, which emphasizes the fruity aftertaste of the cheese mass. Recipes with cheese or with several types are used in expensive restaurants or in simple cozy home kitchens. An expensive product is worth every penny spent and becomes a real “highlight” of the whole gala dinner.

Wine and Abondance

The combination of Abondance cheese with wine, especially red, is used in wine tastings and during presentations of new varieties. The combination of taste and aroma allows you to discover the most refined wine bouquet and feel every touch of aftertaste. White wines also harmonize with Abondance: Savoy, Burgundy varieties from Chardonnay are best combined with slices of hard French cheese. Young and sparkling rosé wines suit the brackish taste of Abondance.

Thanks to additional nut-like flavors, the solid product complements the rich compositions of old red wines. It is the combination of red sweet and sour-hard solid that creates an incredible bouquet of taste.

Cost of cheese

A separate issue that determines the demand for Abondance is the cost of a cheese head. On the modern market there are less expensive analogues and similar in taste, but aged only a couple of months. On average, the cost of 1 kilogram of product does not exceed 30 euros, but if you divide the cost of the head into the whole balanced diet, the beneficial properties of the variety still win.

Analogues of French cheese can be found in any country in the world, and they have nothing to do with a product made in the province of Abondance. Similar tastes do not cover the lack of all the beneficial supplements and vitamins that are present in the original product. Cheese is also suitable for dietary nutrition, but in small quantities, which allows you to save money when drawing up a family budget.

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