Nutritional supplements

Thaumatin (E957)

Thaumatin does not differ in any features in terms of aroma. Instead, he got a pronounced sweet taste, which, in comparison with sucrose, is the leader of the battle for sweetness.

Next Generation Sweetener

The cream powder, which is labeled E957, is about a hundred times weaker than sucrose. And to feel all the sweetness will turn out only a couple of moments after taking the sample.

Due to such a strange feature, manufacturers prefer to combine the substance with other sweeteners. The result will delight with a characteristic licorice finish. Despite the fact that the additive is highly soluble in water, the same cannot be said about its cooperation with fatty solvents.

Finding a natural source of sweetener is not difficult if the consumer is located on the territory of the African continent. The local bush under the name "Katemfe" will enjoy its rich content.

A ready-made sweetener is obtained using the method of extracting shrubs with water. There are no significant differences in the digestion of the incoming substance into the human body from other representatives of proteins. Against this background, it becomes clear that its use does not pose a significant threat to the life and health of the consumer. But this is as long as the consumer adheres to the established norm.

Scope of use

Often, thaumatin is used to create various desserts and other confectionery products. You can meet his mention on the packaging of candied dried fruits, confectionery along with cocoa, sugar delicacies, ice cream.

Also, stumble upon E957 will turn out to those who prefer to purchase products with the sticker "sugar free". Such semi-finished foods are suitable for those who support a diet, because the supplement is a frequent companion of low-calorie foods.

A naturally occurring sweetener is equally common in chewing gum and dietary supplements. The latter are positioned as supplements to the table of people prone to obesity or diabetes.

Sometimes thaumatin is used to stabilize the taste and aromatic characteristics when spilling alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

To sweeten pills and other medicines for children, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry also adopted it.

So there were pleasant-tasting medicines with the consistency of syrup, vitamin jelly additives.

Due to the fact that manufacturers often add a remedy to what is intended for children, many parents are interested in advance whether it will bring harm. It is believed that the E957 is completely safe, which is confirmed by permits for its use in many countries.

But on the territory of the Russian Federation, the additive did not pass the relevant certification procedures, which automatically excludes it from the list of permitted at the legislative level.

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