Ground red pepper

Ground red pepper is considered a popular seasoning in different countries. Prepare it from hot pepper. But since there are many varieties of it in the world, the taste characteristics of each finished mixture will vary significantly. There are even species that, when in contact with the skin, instantly cause an allergic reaction.

History and Facts

It is believed that the tropical region of America is the birthplace of the plant. This is proved by the fact that during the graves of Peruvian inhabitants, sharp ground pepper was laid in the graves with the deceased. It was discovered during historical excavations and received the status of an obligatory part of the funeral ritual.

Archaeologists concluded that the Peruvians attributed this special representative to the flora some special opportunities, elevating them to the rank of sacred plants. Because of this, all the dead, in their opinion, were unlikely to be able to do without chili in the next world. Even after centuries, it can be found in tropical forests, where it grows without cultivation by humans.

In addition to the fact that the burning component has found wide application in cooking, it is also attracted for use in many other fields. In the pharmacy you can buy special pepper patches, which are designed to alleviate the current condition of the patient during colds.

Despite the fact that the taste of the product makes the mouth literally glow, if you go too far with the dosage, manufacturers have learned to add it to toothpastes. These therapeutic agents are aimed at helping during the inflammatory processes of the gums, accelerating the healing of small wounds.

A bitter seasoning variant came to the territory of Russia around the 16th century. Then it was valued almost by its weight in gold, which was characteristic of almost all the spices of that era. Only prosperous people could afford to season them with the main dishes, adding ginger and other expensive spicy ingredients to the base mixture.

Today, the cost of one bag has ceased to be a luxury for buyers, since the export of spices was established a couple of hundred years ago on a stable basis. In addition to growing raw materials in the hot countries of East Asia and India, it is sown in the fields of Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

At the same time, cooks with experience say that the best varieties grow in Indochina and Vietnam, since the local climatic conditions are an ideal habitat. The weather here allows you to easily dry the resulting crop. Sometimes it is delivered in this form, and people who know how to grind the workpiece cope with the task on their own. But most ordinary people still prefer to buy a dry composition in a crushed form, since the very procedure of turning the pod into powder is painful for the eyes.

A completely "lazy" version is the ready-made spicy complex, delivered directly from the factories of Southeast Asia. The composition already includes salt, various pepper varieties. Sometimes the box provides for exotic combinations, where cinnamon or turmeric has got. But more often, the instructions on the packaging indicate that the bag contains shredded dried paprika, which slightly reduces the degree of severity.

The classic preparation of burning powder involves the collection of fully ripened fruits of the genus Capsicum. According to the biological classification, it is classified as a nightshade family and in every country it is called in its own way:

  • Chile;
  • burning;
  • red;
  • cayenne;
  • acute.

The instruction on how to prepare goods for sale is simple, because it provides for only two stages. The first is based on drying in the sun, which is necessary to get rid of excess moisture. Once the pods become completely shriveled, they can be sent for grinding.

The most valuable varieties are specially processed manually. Their powder is then sold in a small dosage to the best restaurants in the world to make an excellent marinade based on them.

Every year in the world there are several more new varieties of culinary miracle. A sweet version of this kind of spice is simply called paprika, and the most spicy mixtures are made from chili. In addition to the percentage of severity, it is difficult to determine how this seasoning differs, since the overall taste of it remains almost identical.

Healer by nature

The secret weapon of the product is the capsaicin alkaloid. It is he who leaves the language with a sensation of a burning fire. But besides it, the composition will delight you with three vital vitamins of the groups:

  • BUT;
  • AT;
  • WITH.

But there are practically no essential oils there, which explains the almost complete absence of a characteristic aroma. Even GOST indicates that the smell should have mild notes.

Cooking is considered the most voluminous sphere of application of spices for a reason. Since ancient times, chefs have known that even the fattest meat will lose its high calorie value if you add a verified proportion of pepper to the marinade. This is explained by the fact that spice simplifies the digestion of heavy foods, which especially helps for weight loss.

But it seems to many housewives that adding it exclusively to meat is a waste of the taste of the product. They learned to add it to many other dishes, applying to fish, gravy, casseroles and even chocolate. And sauerkraut with its addition turns into a real whole.

In addition to the positive effects of not the stomach, it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the intestines. The benefit is based on the bactericidal properties of the original powder. When they enter the intestines, the elements responsible for resisting pathogens begin to methodically destroy harmful bacteria.

If you know exactly how to make a good spicy mixture of several pepper varieties, then you can learn how to help the gastrointestinal tract cope with the consequences of overeating.

It has a composition and two other useful qualities:

  • diuretic;
  • hematopoietic.

But here the data regarding the impact on the reproductive system of women vary. Some researchers claim that it favorably affects the relief of pain during painful menstruation. Opponents of the theory believe that these properties only worsen the picture, since the waste of blood begins to occur more abundantly. Since the reviews on this question vary, experts recommend first checking with your gynecologist if the product is useful to a particular patient.

In addition to internal use, spice is often found as a means for hair growth and for other cosmetic purposes. But, despite the fact that such a mask really provokes accelerated hair growth, the effect of its use does not last long. And after about a month the hair will grow very quickly, a person will notice how much the overgrown parts differ from the new ones in the thickness of the hair. Against this background, experienced hairdressers are asked not to use a prescription from traditional medicine if you do not want to worsen the situation over time.

By the same principle, gruel for nails is made. But after the phase of accelerated growth, the nail plate is rather thinner, and the result returns to the original. From a physiological point of view, growth is explained by stimulation of blood circulation, which provides for the delivery of nutrients to the right place. But over time, the body gets tired of undue stress and malfunctions.

It is much more effective to make a pepper-based solution on your own for:

  • strengthening immunity;
  • treatment of tonsillitis and bronchitis;
  • relief from asthma.

Not everyone knows how this product is useful for losing weight. Due to the normalization of metabolism and the ability to lower cholesterol in the blood, it helps in the battle for harmony.

In addition to a number of vitamins, spice has many trace elements in stock:

  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium.

It’s unlikely that it will turn out exactly how many fatty oils and sugars are in each fruit, since it completely depends on the chosen variety. But they all got more carotenoids and capsorubin.

Together, this helps protect the body at the cellular level from deformation and degeneration. Particularly useful, a similar spectrum of influence will seem to older people who suffer from arthritis. Spice also works to prevent cancerous tumors.

Negative side

In addition to many positive qualities, seasonings have negative aspects. Typically, for healthy people, harm is limited only to exceeding the individual dosage, which provokes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach.

For the same reason, its consumption is contraindicated for those who suffer from diagnosed ailments:

  • the stomach;
  • intestines;
  • increased likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Particularly cautious people exclude not only unprocessed peppers during heat treatment, but also rolling based on it. Even adjika is banned.

Some who want to get slim forms do not listen to the precepts of doctors, using recipes from traditional medicine for weight loss without prior coordination with a nutritionist. The most popular option to reduce body fat is to add seasoning to kefir.

For each consumer, a specific pepper dosage is calculated per hundred grams of liquid. But some especially impatient patients exceed the norm established by the doctor, which in a couple of days makes itself felt by violation of the stool and pain in the abdomen.

It is also necessary to be wary of a popular recipe for raising the body's energy forces at home. It relies on adding a little cinnamon and red pepper to strong coffee. But for people with a sick heart, problems with pressure and a number of other problems, such a proposal can only do harm.

Secrets of ground seasoning

Even professionals recommend adding unrefined pods to the dish at the cooking stage for just a couple of minutes, and then remove and discard them. This will allow you to more accurately control the sharpness than with a rash of powder.

Another useful tip for controlling the palatability of a future meal is cooking your own spices for the winter. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is the guarantee of the absence of preservatives and other chemicals in the bag.

The easiest way to grow raw materials on their own. If a dozen years ago, people used gardens or summer cottages for this, today the enterprising hostesses have learned to use flower pots for identical purposes. Flowerpots put on a balcony or just a windowsill, growing a spicy crop right in the apartment.

Since the bushes are not very fastidious in care and give a stable crop for a long time, it will always turn out to have a source of sharpness on hand. Experienced gardeners recommend a test to start growing several different varieties in order to determine the most beloved, and then deal only with it.

If you want to prepare a high-quality product that will delight you with taste characteristics for a long time, then you need to send only dried copies together with seeds for grinding. Moreover, you do not need to dry the raw materials in the oven or in a pan. Everything should go naturally in a well-ventilated place.

A high-quality result should be a red or orange-red hue. To do this, you should not be greedy when selecting candidates for grinding, laying aside damaged copies or those that have spots.

For grinding, you can use a coffee grinder, which is then thoroughly washed. But if you don’t want to spoil the equipment, then you can use a special kitchen mortar. At the same time, large particles are required for good grinding, and not almost weightless dust, as is often the case with purchased analogues.

Keep the resulting treasure away from children in a glass closed container so that moisture does not get inside. The container is put in a place away from direct sunlight and added to the dish strictly according to the recipe.

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