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Laser removal of spider veins

Laser removal of spider veins is a relatively simple procedure that is in demand among consumers who are dissatisfied with their appearance.

From a medical point of view, the presented deviation with localization on the face or in another part of the body does not pose a significant threat to the patient's health. It carries only an aesthetic problem, lowering the self-esteem of the victim, causing him discomfort during communication in society.

To prevent the development of a full-fledged psychological complex, experts recommend using a neodymium laser or a device similar in spectrum of action. He will quickly eliminate unwanted deviations, eliminating the external manifestations of lesions without consequences for healthy tissues.

Who are worried about spider veins

Despite the fact that such red blotches on the skin do not cause significant direct harm to health, they should not be ignored. Usually such an unsightly external manifestation makes itself felt due to a decrease in the elasticity of capillaries.

In professional terminology, such a cosmetic disease is called rosacea, and they prefer to treat its primary source, and only then deal with the neutralization of unpleasant symptoms. The main problem of such an ailment is that it begins with small vessels, and only then it affects larger veins. They are by default more elastic, therefore they give in to deformation worse.

But if, at the first manifestations of this kind of anomaly, the treatment is abandoned, then after the patient more serious consequences are expected than the usual redness on the nose.

Despite the stereotype that rosacea is always a direct consequence of venous circulation, this is not so. Among the main diseases that provoke this, there may be violations of the elasticity of the walls, including poor heredity. Moreover, red stars are not one hundred percent confirmation of the presence of post-thrombotic or varicose pathology. The algorithm also works successfully in the opposite direction, since varicose ailments may not manifest themselves as clusters of stars on the legs.

To understand in detail the source of the disease, to study possible concomitant diseases that spur the growth of ugly formations, it is better to seek help from a specialist. An experienced dermatologist, if necessary, will send the ward for examination to a cardiologist or other relevant doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Only after successfully undergoing a clinical examination can a person contact a cosmetologist for advice to remove defects. A long preparatory stage will allow to reveal possible latent contraindications, or to find a number of similar pathologies.

In most cases, reviews of laser treatment are written by women. But this does not mean that only women suffer from such rosacea. Both sexes are subject to such a cosmetic deficiency in almost the same measure.

Reasons for the appearance

According to statistics, about a quarter of the entire adult population of the planet are carriers of spider veins. In women, the defect is more often diagnosed simply because pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most important aggravating factors.

No less often, the fate of a person is determined by a hereditary predisposition and hormonal disorders. We are talking about a change in hormonal levels not only during the "interesting situation", but also after an abortion. Also, victims of stars are people who have been using hormonal-spectrum drugs for the treatment of serious pathologies for a long time.

Even those who used appropriate contraceptives were at risk, which again, for the most part, concerns beautiful representatives. Another typical female prerequisite is the onset of menopause, when the body is forced to rebuild in a new way.

Among other reasons that affect both sexes, there are:

  • prolonged venous insufficiency;
  • decreased vascular wall tone caused by serious illness or age-related changes;
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • pathology of the endocrine system;
  • hypertension and some other options for destabilizing the circulatory system;
  • increased physical activity associated with professional activities.

The last point often affects athletes. Dancers who are forced to work a lot with their legs and wear high heels are especially given. Almost the same thing happens in people who, on duty, have to be in a standing still position for a long period.

Auxiliary factors that can indirectly add seriousness to the overall clinical picture are:

  • excessive enthusiasm for a bath or sauna;
  • too frequent trips to the solarium or simply tanning in direct sunlight;
  • side effect of frostbite;
  • the consequences of an incorrect cosmetic procedure like deep peeling;
  • constant temperature changes.

The latter is suitable for people who work outdoors in too hot or cold conditions, alternately visiting rooms with excessively cooled or heated air.

Since rosacea has not been thoroughly studied in the questions of its formation, scientists still cannot make a really complete list of possible catalysts for its manifestation. Some doctors claim that increased trauma of the skin, improper blood clotting, and surgical operations can increase the chances of its development.

Most researchers of the disease confirm that the presence of bad habits also does not add chances to do without spider veins. Smoking, drinking alcohol and the wrong lifestyle leading to obesity - all this pushes the vessels to respond.

Sometimes a risk factor is even excessive consumption of vitamin C, which some adults continue to consume in exorbitant amounts instead of sweets. The consequences of abuse of ascorbic acid in exorbitant amounts will quickly affect the condition of the skin.

Star classification

The price of removing ugly formations depends entirely on what type they belong to.

There are several categories according to this classification, providing:

  • venous;
  • arterial;
  • capillary.

The first option is relatively easy to recognize, since the width of the threads here is a minimum threshold of up to 0.02 mm. Arterial analogues are more pronounced in red. It will be possible to recognize them if you carefully study the construction of the defeat pattern. When the stars diverge from the main arteriole on different sides, this indicates an arterial type. The same layout suggests a spider-like layout.

Capillary variations are often chosen as the habitat for the nose or cheeks. Their color varies from reddish to violet. They are located on a linear or tree-like outline.

Separately, the experts built another classification that relies on the external manifestation of the anomaly. There are four varieties in total:

  • point;
  • tree-like;
  • arachnid;
  • linear.

The first paragraph covers all single point inclusions in the form of a single venous or capillary element, which is clearly visible through the skin. Usually the size of such a defect is very small, and some ordinary people generally take it for a natural mole, only a little strange color.

As soon as there are too many dots in one territory, they will merge, forming vast spots of red tone.

No less often, people are diagnosed with tree-like versions that look like vein sprouts. Choosing a specific lesion, the capillaries diverge in one direction. An auxiliary sign for determining the type is the bluish tint of the problem area.

Arachnid constituents represent one arteriole, from which the stars themselves branch on the sides. If in a tree-like analogue all lesions move in the same direction, then scattered reactions on both sides of the vessel are typically red in color.

Linear flaws are located almost strictly in one row. Externally, they can only be compared with postpartum stretch marks on the stomach. But here they are located mostly on the cheeks or nose, having a bluish or reddish tone.

Combined categories are singled out separately when several classes are mixed at the same time. But you should not worry too much about this, as the principle of laser treatment remains identical.

The difference lies in the time of exposure of the device to the affected area, as well as the recovery phase after the intervention.

Preparation for manipulation

Each clinic will praise its own model of a laser device, designed to alleviate the condition of the skin of the victim. To attract customers, they organize regular promotions, and also offer additional services for free.

But experts recommend paying less attention to marketing slogans, making a more significant emphasis on the technical characteristics of the laser itself. Some models do well only with a narrow list of variations of rosacea depending on the degree of damage, type, location.

Despite the fact that most often vascular ailments appear on the face in the area of ​​the cheeks and wings of the nose, this does not mean that they are not found on the upper or lower extremities. Very rarely, manifestations on the neck and even the back are possible.

After the doctor conducts an initial examination of the victim, he must necessarily send at least standard tests. This is a clinical blood test. It does not hurt to undergo an electrocardiogram of the heart to eliminate the risks of developing defects of the cardiovascular system.

If you plan to conduct additional anesthesia even when using a classic cryogenic gel, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary allergic reaction. This will block the possibility of the development of rashes and anaphylactic shock in the future.

Next, the doctor must determine the root cause of the malfunction in the body. A competent dermatologist will never begin treatment, omitting this point. Otherwise, a person will not be able to actively work on the prevention of the disease, which very soon will come back to relapse. Moreover, it will be most effective to first level the cause of the pathology, and then remove the symptoms, and not do the opposite.

After you need to decide on the course of treatment, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body and the degree of damage. The duration of therapy is usually up to five visits by a dermatologist with an exposure to a suitable time interval between visits.

The essence of the technique

The basis of the method is based on the ability of laser equipment to emit concentrated light flux. In ordinary life, electromagnetic waves have different lengths and are almost always safely absorbed by human melanin. But the laser can only produce waves of a certain length. Their skin practically does not absorb, which makes them more useful as a tool for the treatment of vascular formations.

This is due to the fact that the rays are delayed by hemoglobin in the blood. As soon as light radiation enters the vessel, there begins the thermal process, which is triggered due to the bonding of the vascular walls. Outwardly, this is expressed in the disappearance of reddish spots.

Often, doctors prefer a device that emit yellow or green color, since it is they who have increased energy indicators. Such exposure does not harm the victim. It is not for nothing that doctors allow their wards to immediately return to their usual pace of life right after the intervention, adhering to only minimal recommendations for a short recovery period. Even a slight redness after the procedure disappears within an hour.

It’s simply impossible to say exactly which laser format will cope with the task. Here you need to consider the type of skin and the depth of the lesion. But if a universal answer is required, then experts insist on going to a dermatological office equipped with a neodymium device. He is highly regarded for:

  • the ability to generate the longest waves whose performance reaches the level of 1065 nm;
  • the ability to use not only on light skin, but also dark, tanned;
  • neutralization of stars even with a diameter of about 6 mm with localization on the lower extremities.

If during the preparation process it turns out that the victim has a low pain threshold, he will be offered to use a special cooling system. It will help block soreness and other discomfort. Instead, the victim may be pursued by a feeling of slight tingling, since at the cellular level, the light turns into a hot stream.

When a patient seeks help having only one mass with a diameter of up to 1.5 cm, then one visit to the doctor is enough for him.

Proper rehabilitation

In order for the recovery to go according to plan, you will have to adhere to simple rules for some time. The good news is that with laser processing, a person does not have to be in a hospital. He will be immediately released home under his personal responsibility, without even prescribing the wearing of compression underwear.

Instead, the attending specialist will necessarily warn of the need to abandon the trip to baths, saunas and other rooms with high humidity under high temperatures. You will also have to forget the way to the solarium for a while. You can not be in direct sunlight, as well as to purposefully take sun baths.

Regardless of where the removal of vascular defects was specifically performed, massage of any part of the body remains prohibited for some time. You will have to wait a bit with active physical activity like training, and also postpone the visit to the cosmetologist.

Occasionally, the success of an event is emphasized by the formation of crusts at the end of the manipulation. This does not always happen, then if the crusts nevertheless appeared, you do not even have to try to peel them ahead of time yourself. If you want to speed up the process of restoring the skin, then it is better to use a special cream.

Preventive approach

After the procedure successfully completed, and the patient received the desired result, it is necessary to carefully work on the prevention of a possible relapse. There are a number of useful tips, but you should always start with a thorough examination of the body to identify the real cause of rosacea.

Also, doctors always advise obese wards to be puzzled with losing weight, since it is he who often becomes a provocateur of such a deviation. Obesity always occupies the top lines of the probable causes of the formation of stars.

What follows is a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. This applies not only to the need to get rid of bad habits like smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages. A sedentary lifestyle often provokes whole fields of stars on the lower extremities.

Squeezing the veins with a constant sitting position also does not bring to good, as well as prolonged wearing of high heels. To slightly reduce the negative manifestations, it is worth putting a pillow or a special medical roller under your feet at night.

Separately, it is necessary to consider a balanced diet with enough fish and other seafood to support the stable functioning of the vascular network.

Side effects

Despite the fact that the method is consistently in demand among consumers from all over the world, it carries several hidden side effects. Some of them generally develop much later than the manipulation was performed. You will also have to take into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

Most often, erythema occurs in victims. So called dilated capillaries, which then cause the skin to turn red. But usually this phenomenon does not pose any significant threat to well-being.

It manifests itself at the end of the intervention, and then leaves on its own after about a couple of hours after the end of the session.

Do not be afraid and blisters. They appear extremely rarely, but if they have already managed to prove themselves, they will disappear back somewhere in a day. They leave no traces after themselves, so their fixation is not a big cause for concern.

Things are much more complicated with passing pigmentation. Although over time it will pass on its own, to speed up the process, you will have to use bleaching creams. Moreover, the next session should be carried out only after pigmentation completely disappears. Otherwise, the procedure will be useless.

Suppurations as a side effect are relatively rare. But if this is the case, you should immediately seek help from your doctor. After consulting with him, you can lubricate the problem area with petroleum jelly so that it retains moisture.

When the victim encounters blood clots after the completion of the laser exposure, then outwardly this manifests itself in a blue-blue color. When pressing on the lesion, pain may be felt. But all this goes away in about a couple of weeks.

Sometimes a laser only helps temporarily, which means neovascularization. This is the name of the formation of new problem points. Here it is worth looking for the root of all difficulties in the insufficient prevention of relapse, or in ignoring the treatment of the underlying disease.

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