Disease symptoms

Deposition of fat in the shoulders, chest, face

There are different types of obesity, an experienced doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis, only by the appearance of a person. Since hormone levels affect fat deposition, people look different with obesity. For example, women suffer from fat deposits in the lower body, and men, on the contrary, in the upper.

Types of obesity

Types of obesity vary depending on the causes of its occurrence.

Alimentary (exogenous): appears with overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Pathological (endogenous): is the result of various diseases. A large amount of fat is considered a chronic pathology of a progressive nature, and if left untreated, serious complications can occur. With excess weight, the body begins to work at "full capacity", because of this, internal organs are "produced" much faster. Consequently, the quality of life and its duration is reduced.

According to the method of treatment, obesity is divided into the following types: regulated and irreversible. Adjustable: can be eliminated with a special diet and exercise. Irreversible is very rarely diagnosed.

It can also be divided into types by dynamics. Stable is characterized by a constant patient weight, that is, kilograms do not increase or decrease. Dynamic: the weight of the patient every day becomes more and more. Constitutional fat deposition: a chronic pathology that has arisen as a result of physical, biochemical and metabolic processes. Constitutional deposition of fat causes various complications, making a person disabled. In addition, among patients with this disease, many deaths occur, because cardiovascular diseases occur.

To reduce risks, the patient should adhere to a special diet (most often it is a diabetic diet) and increase physical activity every day.

Constitutional obesity, in turn, is also divided into types. Female type (gynoid): considered the most harmless, because it practically does not pose a threat to human health. In this case, the figure becomes like a pear. Fat deposition occurs on the hips, buttocks, and lower abdomen. This type is often found in women whose endocrine system works correctly (most of the fat is formed under the skin).

Male type (android): appears when the body has a high level of androgens. In this case, the figure of a person becomes like an apple - fat is deposited on the stomach, chest and shoulders. If this condition is not given attention and pathology is triggered, then metabolic syndrome and abdominal obesity will arise (entailing serious complications). In addition, fat begins to accumulate in the abdominal cavity and internal organs, because of this it is unfavorable and dangerous.

The mixed type is the most common phenomenon that can be diagnosed even in a child. In this case, fat deposition occurs throughout the body. In addition, depending on the location, there are several types of adipose tissue, these are:

  • subcutaneous fat;
  • deep layer;
  • internal fat (located around the abdomen).

The ratio of species and the severity of tissue will depend on age, genetic predisposition, metabolism and other equally important factors. Subcutaneous fat in one form or another is in all areas of the body. Thanks to him, the human body has a smooth shape, but it is easy to remove it with the help of physical exercises and proper nutrition.

According to the prevalence of fat, a local and general form can be distinguished. Local is divided into three types:

  • delimited (adipose tissue has clear boundaries and an increase in the surface layer of adipose tissue);
  • diffuse local (characterized by the growth of subcutaneous fat in a certain anatomical region, this area loses its boundaries and smoothly passes into the neighboring area, where the adipose tissue is normal);
  • fine tuberous contour disturbances (manifested as an increase in subcutaneous adipose tissue and the formation of an uneven contour of the skin (small tubercles and fossae).

The local form of deposits is quite stable form, so it can persist even with strong weight loss.

Causes of Overweight

Obesity does not please anyone, especially if the figure does not just lose its contours, but completely changes proportions. In this case, you should carefully monitor the changes in your body, because excessive and uneven fattening is the result of serious diseases.

The reasons that a person becomes expressed a specific part of the body, many. The first and most common is a genetic predisposition.

Therefore, if parents have too pronounced irregular proportions of the body that become so due to fat deposition, then most likely their children will be found to have the same thing. The second, no less common factor is endocrine diseases. For example, interruptions in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, poor adrenal and thyroid function, and many others. The third is the curvature of the spine, which affects the displacement of the center of gravity and creates a fat "balancer". Of course, one should not forget such a condition as excessive and regular overeating.

Full face

Too large cheeks can talk about hormonal imbalances and possible diseases of certain areas of the brain (most often the pituitary gland pathology). If suddenly the face and neck become larger in volume, while other parts of the body remain unchanged, then you need to contact a local therapist. He, in turn, is obliged to refer the patient to an appointment with an endocrinologist. In addition, the doctor will issue a referral for computed tomography of the brain. Also, cheeks can become larger due to the use of a large number of high-carb foods. These include caramel, sugar, candy and much more. Usually after eating a lot of sweet, the accumulation of fat begins with the face and gradually moves to other parts of the body.

Fullness of the shoulders, arms and chest

If loose T-shirts have become tight-fitting, a hand does not go into the sleeve of the blouse, and an ugly "Christmas tree" of fatty tissue appears on the back, but the size of the trousers remains the same, it is urgent to find the reason for this phenomenon. Such a disproportionate distortion of the figure can occur in two cases. The first - with the abrupt cessation of daily sports (in particular, this applies to swimming, volleyball, tennis). The second - with a diagnosed violation in the production of prolactin. Such a "prolactin figure" at first is very eye-catching, especially when it is a long-legged girl with large breasts. However, this condition is characterized by a constant increase in the upper part (the amount of fat in it is constantly growing). Seek professional help immediately. If this is not done, the woman will have problems conceiving and carrying the baby.

If obesity happened after the cessation of sports, then treatment in this case will not be needed. It is necessary to perform physical exercises daily, and the shoulder girdle will return to normal.

Full hands can be in different places, not only under the armpits, for example, wrists. What is the reason? There are three main factors to this condition.

  1. First: for some people, this can happen with age, especially if the parents have the same problem after 40 years.
  2. Second: sometimes this happens due to edema, then you should seek help from a nephrologist. It is this doctor who deals with these problems.
  3. Third: it is often found in young women - this is an excess of male sex hormone in the blood (testosterone). In a small amount, it is present in all women. When its level begins to increase for some reason, acne occurs, hairiness of the body and face increases, disruptions in the menstrual cycle begin, abnormalities in the structure of the body. In fact, this is a rather serious problem that requires immediate treatment, so you need to seek help from an endocrinologist as soon as possible.

How to remove fat from the shoulders and arms?

Many just need to know how to remove fat from these places, and they will again look perfect. An ugly look, when the skin on the hands sags, because of this they lose their shape, respectively, and attractiveness. This problem applies not only to the shoulders, but also to the armpits.

To solve it, you need to choose a way to achieve the intended goal (many choose only certain diets, assuming that if they lift the dumbbells, after a while they will become like a pumped up man).

To get a sculptural figure, you should raise the bar and take special additives. The most suitable is a set of exercises and diet. However, before starting a diet, you need to look at your body from the side. Sometimes this is not the only place where fat is deposited, so everyone will need help.

Then the tips on dropping excess fatty tissue only on the hands will not help - you need to balance the diet. After normalizing the total weight, you can do it with your hands.

The diet for losing excess fat on the hands is as follows: fried, fatty, sweet should be excluded from the menu (the basis of all dishes should be meat and seafood, which will be consumed with vegetables). The food should be fractional, several times a day, the portion weight does not exceed 300 grams, and the last meal no later than 6 pm. Drinking the required amount of fluid, normally it is 2 liters.

If you adhere to these recommendations, you can quickly lose weight. Tighten the skin on the hands is allowed with the help of special exercises.

Underarm adipose tissue

You can get rid of fat in this place if you know why it appeared. There is a misconception that it occurs due to an increase in the total weight of the human body. However, most studies have shown that this is the last "instance" where excess fatty tissue is deposited.

There are several reasons that cause these deposits of fat: poor posture, heredity and weak chest triceps. To get rid of fat in the armpits, you do not need to go to the gym, you can do all the exercises at home. About 15 minutes of free time is enough for this.

Possible complications and preventive measures

Fat deposition in any part of the body can provoke serious diseases: cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes mellitus, diseases of bones and muscle fibers, and some cancers. In addition, a person can also have mental disorders.

The main preventive measure should be called the establishment of an energy balance between the energy consumed and expended. To do this, you must adhere to a certain diet and properly increase physical activity.

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