Merz Pharma Group is a privately owned pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Frankfurt and representative offices in the 20 largest states around the world. The company's activities extend to research and production in the field of aesthetic medicine, botulinum therapy, and venture capital investments in the globalization of aesthetic dermatology.

The Russian subsidiary of Merz Pharma Group called Merz Pharma LLC since 1997 is included in the 70 largest pharmaceutical corporations of the Russian market. This is the third largest sales branch of Merz Corporation worldwide, promoting about 40 different products, including cosmetics, vitamins, medical devices and medicines.

Merz bears responsibility for the health of its consumers by releasing high-quality products. The management of the company builds honest partnerships with all its consumers - doctors, patients, pharmacists.

Research in the activities of the central nervous system of a person and dermatology is a priority for strategic development for Merz. The company confidently holds the leading position in the market of many countries in the world among the drugs and medical products of the above-mentioned profile.

Brand history

The young chemist Friedrich Merz knew in his youth what he would do in life. His desire to improve the medicinal and therapeutic methods of treating various diseases led to the fact that already in 1908 he was able to establish his own first factory producing pharmaceutical products in Frankfurt. The start-up capital for the establishment of the plant was made by compensation from the former employer Merz and the amount for his first patent in life. A year later, in 1909, the Merz firm expands and moves to the current headquarters of the management structure "Merz" - an office on Ekenheimer Landstrasse, 100, where the cigarette factory was previously based.

The social situation of many people at the beginning of the 20th century in Germany led to the fact that in most families several children could actually cause impoverishment and high morbidity. This was the reason for Merz to launch his first contraceptive in 1911, Patetex, which was approved by doctors and pharmacists, but was categorically rejected by the church and representatives of the German Empire. In the same year, the pharmacist patents serol, which can be used as a basis for ointments for various applications.

In addition to drugs, Merz distinguished himself with the invention of menthol cigarettes in 1914, although he himself never smoked. A refreshing smack of cigarettes provides a mixture of menthol with oriental tobacco. In the 1930s, a pharmacist and entrepreneur opened numerous branches throughout the world - in Vienna, Zurich, Berlin, London and Newark. March 1944 brought losses to Merz - as a result of the bombing, the Frankfurt brand factory collapsed. Production was able to be restored and even developed, thanks to the evacuation of spare mechanisms from the factory in Reinheim.

In 1953, the International Conference on Cosmetic Care became a springboard for the presentation of Merz’s new invention, the placentaux, which was a means of improving skin elasticity, wrinkle correction, and rejuvenation. In 1964, the pharmacist’s real hit was born - the legendary Merz Special Dragee, which contained 18 assets and yeast extract at that time. A year later, Tetesept, consisting of essential oils of medicinal plants, intended for taking medicinal baths, became a new product in the pharmacist's line. In 1968, on the basis of the placentae, Mertz created the first foam mask that helps rejuvenate the lady who is always busy and can not devote enough time to her appearance every day.

New treatment methods were proposed by Merz in the 1970s. In a short period, a series of patents and innovative ideas ensure success for the Merz brand. During this period, Lipo-Mertz (to reduce high blood lipids), PC-Mertz (for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease), Viru-Mertz (anti-herpetic treatment) and Hepa-Mertz (for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy) were proposed.

In 2002, a new development from "Merz" entered the market - an effective tool against dementia as a result of Alzheimer's disease - Akatinol Memantine. The action of the drug is based on the protection of brain neurons from glutamate in high concentration. In 2005, Merz pharmacists introduced the latest generation of botulinum toxins, Xeomin, to treat neurological pathologies of motor functions. Xeomin does not have protein complexes in the structure and is highly effective and completely safe for the patient.

In 2008, Merz Corporation successfully celebrated its centenary, accompanied by numerous developments and successful work all over the world.

Product range "Merz"

The company "Merz" today is engaged in research and promotion in the pharmaceutical market of drugs whose action is directed against psychiatric and neurological pathologies. The corporation is developing drugs against Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and depressive conditions. The company's experts also offer drugs on the market, treating scars, alopecia, acne, fungal diseases, liver diseases, pathologies associated with impaired lipid metabolism in the body. In addition, Merz offers botulinum toxin-based medications for the treatment of neurological disorders, and memantine hydrochloride drugs or Namenda XR drugs are offered for severe dementias of the Alzheimer's type.

Merz Corporation is actively engaged in aesthetic dermatology products. In Russia, the company is constantly strengthening its own leadership in this industry and is striving to constantly develop domestic aesthetic dermatology in the country with its own latest developments.

The brand "Merz" owns such world-famous innovative products as Lipo-Merz, PC-Mertz, Viru-Mertz, Memantine (treats Alzheimer's disease and moderate dementia that it causes). Such drugs as Kontraktubex, Gepa-Mertz, Pantogar and Merz Special Pills are also represented on the domestic market.

Production capacity of the company

Corporation "Merz" is a well-known global developer of products for health and beauty in accordance with the standards and rhythm of modern life. The headquarters of the company, like a hundred years ago, is located in Frankfurt. Research and innovation work in the field of dermatology, clinical neurology and aesthetic medicine is carried out by the enterprises of the company constantly. In order to provide innovations in aesthetic dermatology, in 2009, the management of "Merz" created a special unit - Merz Aesthetics, offering to date both medical staff and their patients a balanced set of pharmacological tools to support youth and beauty, including volumeizer Radies, hyaluronic preparations Glyton and Belotero, as well as Xeomin, which was discussed above.

Merz is an employer for more than 2,000 employees worldwide and annually makes sales of more than 1 billion euros. In 2013, management announced the acquisition of Swiss company Anteis S.A., a leading active developer of aesthetic medicine products, in its own assets. This acquisition was regarded as a reinforcing factor in the presence of Merz in the market of aesthetic medical services. Their products were complementary, staff were free to interact with each other, innovations in many places echoed, because until the merger the companies actively cooperated with each other. Anteis S.A. For less than a decade, it was a player in the pharmaceutical market on its own, however, during this period it was able to become one of the strongest players in injection medicine in the market of aesthetic products.

The company was a manufacturer of non-permanent implants, gels designed for contouring, preparations of hyaluronic acid, which are represented by the following lines:

  • Mesolisu Modélis;
  • Fortélis;
  • Jolidermisu Anteis InjectionSystem;
  • Estheles.

The merger with Merz has helped these products become available in 90 countries, as well as continue the company's own innovations in the orthopedic and ophthalmological fields.

Acquisition of production facilities Anteis S.A. occurred after the acquisition of another Swiss pharmaceutical giant - Neocutis SA in the summer of 2013. This enterprise, through its ten-year work, demonstrated to the whole world innovations in the field of beauty and youth, studying technologies that can be applied against photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and solar radiation. The largest contribution to the circulation of goods is made by the line of products with anti-aging effect. Since 2009, the acquisition company has been operating in the US market, where the distribution network of the company is excellent. Neocutis SA products. It is actively used both before and after aesthetic medical procedures, reducing negative manifestations and enhancing their effectiveness.

After the acquisition of Neocutis SA. and Anteis S.A. Merz is strengthening its research area, and its influence on the pharmaceutical product markets in many countries around the world is increasing. The leading position of Merz in the field of aesthetic medicine is now becoming undeniable.

In 2014, Merz made the largest deal in its own history to strengthen its position and increase production capacity. She bought Ulthera, the largest manufacturer of beauty equipment. The expansion of the Merz product line through the use of equipment manufactured by Ulthera will allow the corporation to gain a foothold in leadership positions in the aesthetic industry for a long time.

Ulthera was founded in 2004 and was engaged in non-surgical lifting and anti-aging cosmetic procedures. The famous Ulthera System is based on ultrasound and is the only global base of hardware lifting. The effectiveness of this system has numerous certificates and confirmations from the Office of the supervision of medicines and food products under the US government. The system is also recognized as the most effective non-traumatic method for eliminating wrinkles in the neckline.

In 2017, Merz Corporation announced the start of the construction of a plant for the production of dermal fillers in the German city of Dessau. The management of the company invested about 15 million euros in this construction. The plant will be built on an area of ​​about 1200 square meters and in 2018 it will have to start functioning. This site for "Merz" is of strategic importance, since the increasing demand for fillers pushes manufacturers to look for new production solutions. Fillers produced at the new plant will contain the maximum concentration of hyaluronic acid in their composition. Such investments in production facilities are a logical and necessary step for the manufacturer, which, in addition to the usual botulinum toxin products, begins active production of dermal fillers according to international quality standards. To work on new production facilities will be hired employees of engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical profile, as well as a number of scientists.

The company's activities in the global market

The innovative corporation in the field of pharmaceuticals and aesthetic medicine "Merz" specializes in the production of products that help to ensure a stable standard of living for its consumers. “People from Merz look and feel better, which means that they have a better life of their own. Thanks to professional expertise in the neurological, immunological, hepatological and dermatological areas, in 2014 the company began to actively develop botulinum therapeutic direction and aesthetic dermatology.

In Russia, the company's division has been operating since 1997 and it works quite successfully, being the third branch in terms of sales. In Russia, Merz is among the 70 largest pharmacological firms. 44 medicinal, medical and cosmetic products from "Merz" are registered and used here today.

The company is constantly developing and supporting various innovative core projects. The management states that it is ready to invest about 25 million euros in venture capital investments in the initial stages of projects aimed at combating aging and the development of body modeling techniques. In 2014, such investments accounted for about 15% of the company's revenue, which is almost 1 billion euros.

Among the future objects of such investments, Merz is considering innovative companies in the USA, Israel and Europe, which have already begun their own activities in preparing new products for the market. If such research campaigns succeed, the Merz leadership promises to be a long-term investor for companies with full support. The resources for such support can be given to the wide geography of the distribution of Merz itself in the world, its experience in aesthetic medicine, research centers in Europe and the USA, as well as representative offices in 22 states and sales points in 100.

Since 2016, Merz began localized Russian production of its own drug, Akatinol Memantine, intended for the treatment of dementia. Dementia is senile dementia, which is very common in the elderly, and is a social and medical problem of modern society.

The general aging of the population leads to the fact that a huge reservoir of older people have dementia, which requires outside patient care. The breakthrough from Merz - the creation of a drug that helps combat the manifestations and progression of dementia - in 2002 brought the company the German Innovation Award.

Since 2009, Merz launched the new Internet portal MEMINI, which helps people who are faced with the problem of dementia. Here you can both talk to ordinary people on painful topics, and ask questions to a neurologist, a lawyer, a psychologist, get reference information about the disease, patient care, addresses of specialized clinics. In 2015, the portal was visited by more than 450 thousand users.

In 2010, Merz begins to produce a free MEMINI newspaper with a circulation of 70 thousand copies, with duplication of site information for those who do not have access to the Internet. Specialized schools are opening all over the world for native patients suffering from dementia, where they are given the opportunity to consult with specialists. There are already 20 such schools in Russia. Since 2012, all kinds of support actions are being held to create an adequate public attitude towards dementia, the SOS: Dementia! The Merz Dementia Monitor, a screening for disorders on the eve of Babushkologiya dementia, launched the MEMINI Memory Academy.

All this has a global social and medical significance and is welcomed by the world community as a necessary and timely step towards a healthy old age.

Where to buy products

Online Pharmacy WER.RU

On the pages of the online pharmacy WER.RU you can find a large assortment of cosmetic products from the brand "Merz".Users can easily purchase Merz Spezial Hyaluronic Acid Cream-Mousse, Collagen Merz Spezial Cream-Mousse and other brand products.

Online pharmacy ZDRAVZONA

Medical supplies are often sought in online pharmacies. Merz products are very popular among the population. ZDRAVZONA, an online pharmacy, offers a lot of medicines to buy inexpensive online products. For example, there are a lot of consumer goods, for example, the famous Merz Special Dragee, Akatinol Memantine tablets.

The last drug weakens the degeneration of the central nervous system, acts as a calcium channel blocker, acts as a neuroprotector, improves the transmission of nerve impulses and membrane potential. Suitable for treating Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

Pharmacy 911

The online pharmacy Pharmacy 911 also presents drugs from "Merz". Patient reviews about these drugs are very positive, many of those who purchased the Merz Special Dragee on the Pharmacy 911 website write after taking the drug that it effectively increases hemoglobin, helps to recover after various surgical interventions, and normalizes the level of iron.

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