A young and dynamic Italian company is the Natural Project. She has been successfully operating in the global market for more than 10 years. The company produces several product lines, but the most popular over the past few years has become the trademark IODEX (Iodex). High-performance products aimed at burning excess fat and body shaping. The range of products developed and tested by scientists of the Department of Biotechnology and Pharmacology of the University of Pisa.

Brand history

A popular brand appeared in the late 90s on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the region of Tuscany (Italy). From the first day of work, the company began to produce effective means of combating fat deposits and cellulite. The Natural Project Guide has funded research that was conducted in the city of Pisa.

The result was not long in coming: scientists made many important and progressive discoveries that helped create a line of cosmetics called IODEX and Iodase.

Today, the company's products are considered one of the best in their field. It is bought by people who devote a lot of time to a healthy lifestyle, fitness, massage and spa treatments. The line of cosmetics is designed for women and men. Preparations for the female are represented by the Iodase line (helps in the fight against cellulite, stretch marks and flabbiness of the skin), for the stronger sex IODEX (reduces fat deposits, models the figure).

The brand has undergone numerous studies, during which the product performance was proved. The formula underlying each preparation is patented, therefore it is protected by copyright. This brand is among the ten most popular anti-cellulite products in Italy.

On the range of products

Cosmetic line for men is represented by the following means: warming cream to create body relief, cosmetic serum against fat deposits in various areas, cream to reduce the number of fat cells locally and strong action against fat in the abdominal area and sides, and warming serum to eliminate the fat layer in problem areas.

The company has created cosmetics for men, allowing it to preserve the athletic constitution, prevent flabbiness of the epidermis, as well as restore skin elasticity and get rid of extra pounds. Creams and serums consist only of natural ingredients, therefore they do not cause allergies and irritation of the skin.

Properly selected components contribute to the breakdown of fat cells, improve metabolism and stimulate the excretion of lipolysis products. Due to this positive effect on the body, the epidermis becomes smooth and elastic.

If you regularly use cosmetics, the result will be visible in 1-2 weeks. With the help of the Iodex series, a man will be able to regain his former natural slimness, and his skin - youthful.

The natural projects body creams include natural substances:

  • extracts (earthen diatom, prickly eagle, cola, bubbly, sugary kelp, guarana);
  • oils (jojoba, karite);
  • caffeine.

The combination of these components helps to smooth the skin, reducing the fat layer. Also, a cosmetic product prevents the emergence of new fat cells.

The drug is applied as follows: it is worth putting a little cream Iodex Active on problem areas. It must be rubbed into the skin with your hands until the makeup is completely absorbed. Daily it is necessary to repeat the procedure 1-2 times. Course duration varies from 3 to 8 weeks. It is recommended to rub the cream in the back, sides and abdomen.

The serums include escin, caffeine and extracts (bubble waxy, horse chestnut, Asian centella, Chinese camellia). They can be used to eliminate cellulite in women and reduce the fat layer in men. In one pack of 20 bottles of 10 milliliters.

IODEX warming creams contain:

  • caffeine;
  • extracts (bubbly, guarana, rhodiola rosea);
  • synephrine;
  • aspartic acid;
  • phosphatidylcholine;
  • l-carnitine.

Drugs are considered to be modulating and fat burning. The greatest effect is shown when applied to the sides and abdomen. Cosmetic series enhances the effectiveness of strength training and diet, which are aimed at improving the shape. The company recently began to produce products, which include macromolecules of polysaccharides and hyaluronic acid. When interacting, these substances moisturize and soften the epidermis.

Creams with a warming effect can improve muscle relief in 1-1.5 months by reducing the fat layer. Cosmetic developers warn customers that the product is intended for external use. Also, the goods should be stored at room temperature, out of the reach of minors. It is not advisable to use serums and creams during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Features of production

Firm Natural Project is engaged in the production of fat-burning and anti-cellulite products. The men's line is very popular because it shows excellent results on the basis of tests that are held every year. Because of the natural ingredients, creams and serums are available to athletes in many countries. Italian products are recommended to their clients by masseurs, doctors and cosmetologists of international level.

Scientists working in the company, found that fat deposits are formed in the hypodermis, so you need to create a drug that can break down cells in the deeper layer of the skin. Virtually all cosmetics are aimed at eliminating subcutaneous fat, but only in its upper layers.

The Italian trademark Iodex is effective because the natural ingredients of whey (horse chestnut extract, brown algae) safely penetrate the hypodermis. Special components are lecithin and stem cells of plant origin. As a result, the nodes begin to break down, excess fluid is discharged and blood circulation is normalized.

The unique formula is patented by the Natural Project, and the products have passed many tests, tests and analyzes. The company has certificates of international standard, which testify to the guarantee of quality and safety of the goods.

Product quality control

All products of the Natural Project company are certified. Each batch of cosmetics is monitored, tested, and only then sent to the shelves of pharmacies and points of sale. Thanks to the cooperation with the largest manufacturers of pharmacological preparations, the company's specialists have developed effective creams and serums from natural raw materials.

All cosmetics have been tested for their safety and effectiveness, so Iodex guarantees the quality and achievement of a quick positive result. For men, a cosmetic line has been created not only for body shaping, but also for personal hygiene, integrated skin care.

Most often, the struggle with extra pounds takes a lot of time, but by purchasing Italian cosmetics you can get rid of problem areas in a short period of time and wear comfortable clothes without embarrassment and shame. The unique composition of IODEX products is protected by a patent.

A number of studies and tests

A well-known Italian company constantly conducts a lot of research, develops new cosmetics and preparations. The main activity of the company is the production of cosmetics from natural raw materials for the correction and modeling of the body.

Natural Project owns a research base in which the best specialists work. Pharmacists and biologists have helped products reach a new level and gain confidence not only in women, but also in men. Long-term experiments and research in laboratories have proven the effectiveness of IODEX and Iodase.

The stability of the effect obtained is one of the advantages of the Italian-made cosmetic series.

Brand recognition in other countries

The popular brand appeared not so long ago, but it is in demand in many countries: France, Russia, Brazil, Germany. Athletes are constantly watching the release of a new series of cosmetics to keep themselves in good shape. Some doctors believe that creams and serums from the Natural Project can be considered therapeutic because of a persistent positive effect.

The company is constantly improving and updating products to please consumers. New components are added to cosmetics, research is conducted, products are advertised in many magazines and periodicals.

Initially, the company wanted to produce only funds for people who play sports and tend to have a flat stomach with a relief press, but over the years the brand has started to work for all consumers. Many tools help to get rid of the fat layer in several stages: first, the fat cells split on the abdomen, then on the sides and only then on the thighs and buttocks.

In a wide range of products Iodex you can find not only decorative cosmetics for the body, anti-cellulite preparations, fat-burning creams, but also cosmetics for face skin care.

Where are the brand goods sold?

Imported products are often best purchased in online pharmacies or large shopping centers. Italian cosmetics with the appropriate quality certificates sold on the official website In order to choose the means of interest IODEX, it is necessary to get acquainted with its characteristics, spectrum of action, composition, method of use and adverse reactions.

When buying cosmetics for weight loss in specialized stores, you can not worry about its quality. Therefore, many doctors recommend ordering cosmetics only in proven points of sale.

Pharmacy with a wide range of products -

On the official Internet resource, users can purchase five products that belong to the men's cosmetics series. These are the most effective means to help correct the body and make it more attractive. In the online pharmacy you can buy the right cream and serum.

Checkout online is easy on In Moscow, it is possible to pick up cosmetics from a pharmacy on your own or arrange delivery of goods to your home by courier. In the presence of a promo code, it is also possible to purchase the funds of interest at a discount.

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