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Zewa's business management policy includes the desire to provide consumers around the world with the necessary goods that are designed to improve the quality of life for customers, even with excessive demands. This was achieved by attracting professionals to their work, as well as innovative technologies implemented in the production process, and a multi-stage program for monitoring the final product.
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Alcoholic drinks


He is often called the king of spirits. And no wonder. And what else can you call a drink that is several hundred years old, it is corked in a bottle inlaid with gold and diamonds, priced at $ 2 million ?! Only the real king deserves this. And we are talking about cognac. Fortunately, copies can be found in stores much cheaper than the Henri IV Dudognon listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
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Disease symptoms

Numbness of the fingers

Numbness of the fingers or paresthesia is an unpleasant sensation that accompanies most modern people, regardless of age and gender. There is a false statement in which it is preferable to consider the process of leakage as the prerogative of elderly people, but this is fundamentally not true - all age categories are subject to deviation.
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Medical services

Adrenal gland removal

Adrenal gland removal (adrenalectomy) is an operation by means of which the adrenal gland is surgically removed. This is one of the main methods of treating tumors of this organ. Perform it extremely rarely. In the modern world, doctors often resort to laparoscopy. The operation is carried out through 4 small incisions in order to remove the paired glands in the case of the presence of tumors in them.
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Myths of Vegetarianism

It is not the first year that a vegetarian diet has been used, and over the entire period of its existence a variety of myths have appeared regarding its benefits and harms. Today, all these myths are used in advertising campaigns for vegetarian products. In other words, they are used to make money.
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